When you want a gentle cleansing, my hand made soap is a natural choice. Filled with essential oil or fragrance oil along with natural soap making oils, you will find the most gorgeous thick rich lather enveloping even the most sensitive of skins. My soaps are hand crafted using the cold process method.   This soap is made with my plant based recipe.

All bars weigh approximately 145 grams each.


Filtered water - Sodium Hydroxide - Avocado oil - Shea butter - Coconut oil - Rice Bran oil - Castor oil - Fresh Avocado - Cocoa powder line - Green Mica - Glitter


I use Titanium Dioxide for a bright white, also soap approved Aussie Soap Dyes and sometimes soap approved Mica powders.


The perfume I have used in The Grasshopper is my own Essential Oil blend.  This blend of Essential Oils is called - The Mint Patch and incorporates the aromas of Spearmint and other Essential Oils.  A gentle and beautiful smooth blend.

I love to make my own essential oil blends. These are made and used following the recommended IFRA percentages for soap.

When I use a fragrance oil this is also used at the manufacturers recommended percentage.

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